On-Site Meter Testing & Tech Assistance

Midsouth Utility Consultants offers in-service testing for meter installations, including revenue metering CT’s, secondary circuits, and meters.  With this service, we can assist in finding lost revenue that can be the result of:

  • meter failure or calibration issues
  • loose connections
  • wiring errors
  • reversed CT’s
  • incorrect CT ratio
  • incorrect dual ratio CT connections
  • overburdened CT circuits
  • incorrect nameplate CT polarity, ratio or rated burden
  • corrosion resistance buildup
  • saturated, magnetized, shorted, or open CT’s
  • incorrect meter multipliers
  • incorrect meter form number for service type

On-site testing can be performed on any self-contained meter, Residential or Commercial and CT rated circuit for single phase or multi-phase meters.  Testing can be performed on loaded, no-load, or lightly loaded installations.  All types of meters, including Forms 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9 that do not have test switches, can also be tested.  We also offer CT demagnetization for any CT that has become magnetized due to lightning, ground fault, open circuit or overburdening.


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